Winter Flooding Recedes

The winter flooding has started to recede but the site is still extremely muddy and slippery under foot. Natural England are asking people to stay off the site for now whilst the remainder of the water dries up.

The first Snake’s Head Fritillary shoots were spotted at the beginning of March. We are hoping they will have a good year this year and put on their stunning display in April.

North Meadow from main entrance
North Meadow from main entrance
Snakes Head Fritillary Shoot

These shoots are very difficult to see at this stage so if you visit please stay on the paths which will be clearly marked when the ground conditions are suitable for walkers, and keep your dog on a lead to avoid damaging these rare plants and disturbing ground nesting birds.

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    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thank you for your comment pleased you like the website. We expect the best time to see the fritillaries will be mid to end April.

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