Visitor Information

North Meadow NNR receives around 10000 visitors per year many of whom come in April to see the Snakes Head Fritillaries. Our Fritillary Watch page gives regular updates on the progress of the Fritillaries to help visitors to choose the best time to visit.

You can find out what is happening on the meadow during the course of the year by visiting our Meadow Watch page. May/June is a great time to see the wild flowers on the meadow as well as butterflies and damselflies.

Whenever you visit please stick to the marked paths and avoid making them any wider. The 4km of paths mean two acres of this rare habitat have already been permanently lost to footpaths and Natural England are anxious to ensure no further loss occurs from the intense visitor pressure on this site.

Dogs are allowed but please keep them on a lead and pick up after them. The site is home to many ground nesting birds which are easily disturbed by dogs leaving the footpath. Contamination of the hay by dog faeces makes the hay worthless to farmers because their animals won’t eat it. Grazing cattle can be infected by the Neospora parasite through ingesting dog faeces, which causes pregnant animals to abort, and unfortunately this is an increasing problem.

If you are not sure how to find North Meadow you can find directions here.