The Snakes Head Fritillaries are showing but very difficult to see

The Snakes Head Fritillary season is about to start. There are a small number of flower buds showing but, although there are a large number of fritillary shoots, they are currently very difficult to see. The picture above was taken on Friday 25th March. If you do visit in the next few days do not be tempted to leave the marked paths as you will do considerable damage to the emerging fritillary shoots.

The adjacent picture was also taken on Friday and shows a typical fritillary shoot.

We currently expect the best time to see this year’s fritillary display will be in mid to late April. Many people have flowering fritillaries in their gardens but they do tend to flower earlier than on the National Nature Reserve.

Please stay on the marked paths and keep your dog on a short lead. Dogs will damage the fritillaries if they leave the marked paths.

If you visit at the peak flowering time the Cricklade Bloomers Tea Room will be open at the Thames Hall by Cricklade Town bridge between 11am and 4pm on Sat/Sun 16/17th April and Sat/Sun 23/24th April.

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