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This ‘Schools Educational Package’ focuses upon general Medieval life in a village (homes, food and farming), looking at a specific area (i.e. Cricklade), general customs in in a Medieval village, the Manor Court and punishments, Manor Courts vs King’s Court.

These are primarily for KS3, however can be freely amended for other age groups and a range of abilities. Differentiated materials are included. The ‘Schools Educational Package’ includes a range of activities and resources including PowerPoints, worksheets and card sorting exercises.


The History National Curriculum at KS2 & 3 recommended a local history study and one of the key concepts is looking at ‘Change and Continuity’. Furthermore, ‘Chronology’ encompasses a study of the key features of a period. These resources could be used as part of a depth study and as an aspect of the British History element “The Development of Political Power” in KS3. The National Curriculum at KS3 requires the development of the key processes: 2.1 Historical Enquiry, 2.2 Using Evidence and 2.3 Communicating about the Past.

The resources below could be used in History or Geography lessons, and further to focus on Citizenship within the curriculum.

Teachers Notes: Teachers Notes

Peasant Life: Open-Field Villages , Peasant Life Animated Slides ; Manor House: A Typical Manor House , Manor House Foundation

Cricklade Medieval Map: Cricklade Map , Map 1 , Map 2

Customs & Manor Court: Manor Court Slides , Cricklade Court Leet , Medieval vs Modern Court Leet , Customs in a Medieval Village Card Sort Activity


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