Protect North Meadow

Please help to protect North Meadow by not visiting until further notice. Natural England have posted the notice below at all entrances to North Meadow.

NM Keep Off sign 2020

Flooding on North Meadow is slowly receding but the meadow is still inaccessible and saturated. The picture above shows the conditions on Saturday 21st March.

North meadow is very vulnerable to permanent compaction damage at present. It is even too wet to put out the normal path way marker posts. We hope that this will change over the next few weeks, enough for visitors to see the beautiful display of wild flowers as the hay crop grows.

Sadly there are unlikely to be many fritillary flowers this year even if the condition of North Meadow becomes suitable for visitors during April.

For further information please check for updates on this website or contact Charlotte Targett Natural England Reserve Manager on 07825245277

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