Flora of North Meadow

North  Meadow is botanically very important. It is typical of the type of neutral hay meadow once common in the floodplain of the Thames valley. Over 250 species of higher plant occur on the meadow and surrounding ditches.

Typical flora of flood plain meadows, classified as MG4 in the National vegetation classification are Alopecurus pratensis, Meadow Foxtail and Sanguisorba officinalis, Great  Burnet.

(MG4) is the typical floodplain meadow vegetation community found on alluvial soils of intermediate fertility. Sites supporting this community are usually subject to traditional hay-meadow management. The species-rich sward can be quite varied, but is usually characterised by great burnet, common sorrel, meadow vetchling, red fescue and meadow buttercup. Dandelion, cuckooflower and Fritillaria meleagris, the snakeshead fritillary .

As the season progresses, grasses become more prominent, but may be overtopped by tall herbs such as great burnet and meadowsweet later in the season. Species such as hawkbits, pepper-saxifrage, oxeye daisy and devil’s-bit scabious add a splash of colour.

Typical North Meadow Flowering Plants

Here are some of the more common flowering plants. Click on the image to see it full screen.

Typical North Meadow Grasses

Here are some of the more common grasses. Click on the image to see it full screen.


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