Butterflies and Moths


The meadow supports a large number of nectar-producing flowers which attract butterflies. 23 species of butterfly have been recently recorded on North eadow.

Most of the commoner grassland butterflies are found in the meadow. The Meadow Brown and Common Blue occur in numbers away from the edge. Gatekeeper, Orange-Tip, Green-Veined White, Peacock, Ringlet, Small Copper, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and Large White are also seen in small numbers.

Large Skipper, Brimstone, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Small Heath, Small Skipper/ Essex Skipper are much less frequently seen . The site is also good for migrant species, Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow.

Woodland edge species such as the Brimstone, Ringlet, Speckled Woodand Comma can be found along the southern boundary.


A wide selection of day-flying moth species occur at North Meadow, including the distinctive Five and Six-spot Burnets and the Ruby Tiger, Scarlet Tiger.

Night-flying moth species often found on the meadow include the Peppered moth, Early Thorn, Chimney Sweep, Elephant and Poplar Hawk moths, Beautiful Hook-tip, Puss moth, Light Emerald, Burnished Brass, Drinker, Oak Hook-tip and Phoenix to name but a few.

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