2023 Courses

Find out about North Meadow National Nature Reserve

Heritage FundCricklade Court Leet is planning to run several species identification courses as part of our Heritage Lottery Fund Grant for North Meadow. The aim of these courses, which are heavily subsidised by our grant, is to raise awareness of the rich biodiversity of North Meadow. We hope by promoting greater understanding of this rare habitat more people will wish to become involved in its conservation.

Damselfly Identification Course Saturday 10th June 2023

North Meadow Species Identification Courses - Azure Damselfly Mating Pair
Azure Damselfly Mating Pair

This course is aimed at all those with a desire to learn how to identify these stunning insects. Aimed at beginners we hope to introduce you close-up to a number of damselflies so that you will leave confident in your own abilities to identify them and make species records. We will visit North Meadow NNR which supports about 15 species of damselflies and dragonflies.

Tutored by Sue Rees Evans who is the Shropshire County recorder for Dragonflies and Damselflies. Sue runs courses for the Field Studies Council, various Wildlife Trusts, and the National Trust. She also manages the Shropshire Dragonflies website  which is a great place to find out more about these charismatic insects.

Location: Jenner Hall Cricklade with site visit to North Meadow NNR

Cost: £25 This course is now full

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Lowland Hay Meadow Plant Identification Course Saturday 24th June 2023

North Meadow Species Identification Courses - North Meadow Cricklade
North Meadow Cricklade

Find out more about the beautiful plants that grow on North Meadow. This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn more about lowland hay meadows and develop their plant identification skills.

Tutored by David Gowing who has carried out research on North Meadow for 25 years. David is the Professor of Botany at the Open University has been monitoring the vegetation at North Meadow, Cricklade for over 25 years. He currently directs the Floodplain Meadows Partnership, which strives to conserve similar sites across the country.  

Location: Jenner Hall Cricklade and North Meadow NNR

Cost: £25

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