North Meadow is Flooded

North Meadow Entrance
North Meadow Entrance 6th April 2023

Very little rain for 4 days and the river levels have started to drop. The picture of North Meadow entrance above was taken today. Unfortunately the meadow is in full flood and still inaccessible. Please do not visit to see the snakes head fritillaries this weekend.

After a very dry February we have had 138 mm of rainfall in March, 2.5 times the 10 year average for March in this area. North Meadow does not normally flood in April but it is part of the functional floodplain and therefore normal for it to flood after heavy rainfall.

We expect there to be an opportunity to see the snakes head fritillaries later this month. Please check in here in a few days for a further update on the meadow conditions. You can find out more about the river levels on our river levels monitoring page.

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