North Meadow is closed but drying


North Meadow Entrance 4th May2023

River levels  have dropped quickly this week and the meadow is now drying rapidly. Ground conditions are still very soft and the pathways are blocked in several locations by water in the drainage ditches. Natural England have not yet opened the meadow to the public to protect the meadow from compaction damage. The temporary closure from 14th April until 19th May is still in force see  closure notice and map showing the area of restriction.

Great White Egret
Great White Egret

The meadow is full of birds feeding on invertebrates in the soft mud. A Great White Egret was feeding on Frogsham meadow next to the road this morning.

The Snakes Head Fritillaries have now reached the end of their flowering season and with more rain forecast  in the next few days it is not going to be possible to see the spectacular display this year.  The hay has now stared to grow and will soon be full of wild flowers still a wonderful sight when the meadow re-opens.

It is possible Natural England will open North Meadow to the public before 19th May if conditions allow. Check back here for further updates on the condition of the meadow.

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