Grazing of North Meadow Started On 9th September

Conservation grazing, which is so important to the management of North Meadow, started on Monday this week. Twenty two cows and their calves, forty four animals in total, were turned out onto North Meadow. A further fourteen cows and calves will go onto the meadow this weekend.

Cows grazing North Meadow
Good grass for the cows this year and some colourful yellow hawkbit flowers.

There is plenty of grass this year and they will be on the meadow until the end of November unless the weather turns wet and causes the meadow to flood. The cattle have settled in well and are already using the pasture pumps for water.

Cow drinking from pasture pump
Cow having a drink from a River Churn pasture pump today.

This picture shows a cow drinking from a reservoir bowl and at the same time pushing back the yellow lever. When released this allows the pump to draw water from the river. Pasture pumps avoid the need for the cattle to enter the river causing sediment pollution which is bad for the fish.

Calf grazing North Meadow
A fine looking calf.

There are some very healthy looking calves, they should do well on North Meadow grass.

Court Leet Members will be visiting North Meadow daily during the grazing season to check on the 2.5km of electric fencing and eight pasture pumps which make grazing possible on this important National Nature Reserve. Our farmer grazier will also be visiting the meadow daily to check on the welfare of his cattle.

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