North Meadow BioBlitz


How to send in species records for the North Meadow BioBlitz

North Meadow is still closed to the public to protect the grassland from compaction damage while the ground is still soft. We expect it will re-open in a few days when the ground has had chance to dry.

You can still send in your records. The Thames path is open and runs through North Meadow next to the River Thames see purple line. You can see North Meadow from the Hallsfield bank of the River Thames see blue line. You can see North Meadow from the Causeway road. see green line. By using these locations it is possible to record birds, plants, butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies.

To send in a species record you need to install the iRecord app on your phone you can find the iRecord app by following this link App | iRecord When you have the app you will need to register to create an account. When you have done this you can join the North Meadow BioBlitz Activity by visiting the iRecord Activities page. You will need to log in to do this.

You are now ready to send in some species records. A species record consists of four bits of information:
1. What did you see?
2. When did you see it?
3. Where did you see it?
4. Who saw it?

To make a species record open the app and take a photograph. The app will help you to identify what you have seen. When you have made an identification submit the record. When, Where and Who will be automatically recorded for you.

You will soon get used to submitting records it is fun to do as well as providing valuable information to help to manage and conserve our precious wildlife.

If you want to see what others are finding Log in to iRecord (not using the app) go to the North Meadow BioBlitz Activity and click on the Activity Summary.

To download a copy of the explanatory leaflet for the BioBlitz follow this link North Meadow BioBlitz