Grazing Preparation for North Meadow

Members of the Court Leet have been preparing North Meadow for grazing in the last two weeks. This involves the installation of 2.5km of electric fencing and eight pasture pumps.

Delivering the fence energiser boxes and fence polyposts in preparation for grazing.
Delivering the fence energiser boxes and fence polyposts.

The electric fence is necessary to prevent the cattle pushing through the boundary hedge or entering the rivers and escaping onto adjoining land.

The pasture pumps provide the animals with water so they do not need  to enter the rivers which creates sediment pollution and damages the river ecology.

Installing a pasture pump in preparation for grazing
Installing a pasture pump.

North Meadow has been managed as Lammas land for hundreds of years which is why it supports  250 plant species. This type of grassland is now rare in the UK and grazing is critical to maintaining this biodiversity.

We expect 70 cattle to arrive in the next few days and stay in the meadow for about 12 weeks.

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