Fritillary Season on North Meadow

The start of the fritillary season is rapidly approaching and North Meadow is still flooded. The picture above, taken this morning, shows the water level is very high, as high as it has been all winter.

North Meadow Entrance in Flood
North Meadow Entrance in Flood

The picture of North Meadow entrance shows it will be some time before the meadow is ready for visitors.

We start to look for fritillary shoots in early March but we may have to wait a while this year.

Some warm dry days could make a considerable difference, but the land will need to dry after the water has drained away.

North Meadow has been flooded since mid October last year, more than 4 months. Will there be any fritillaries in flower this year? Well it depends on the next 5 weeks.

Snakes Head Fritillaries are remarkably resilient. When the conditions don’t suit them they stay dormant until conditions improve. They can stay dormant for several years before flowering again.

If the flood recedes, and the ground has chance to dry in the next 5 weeks, they will most likely put on their normal spectacular show. If not we may have to wait until next year.

The Cricklade weather forecast is suggesting only light rain on 6 of the next 14 days, which will help. Why not check back here in a few days for the latest fritillary season update.

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