Fritillary Flowering Almost Finished

Fritillary Seed Pod
Fritillary Seed Pod

The fritillary flowering almost finished for this year. Most Fritillary flowers  have now been pollinated and are developing seed pods. The main pollinator of the fritillary flowers are queen red tail bumblebee ( Bombus lapidarius).

Over the next few weeks the seed pods will swell and the stem will straighten. Eventually the seed pod will split releasing up to 150 seeds.

The picture above taken today shows a carpet of dandelion seed heads and ribwort plantain flowers. A few fritillary flowers are still visible but largely obscured now by the growing hay crop.

Over the next few weeks up until hay cut in July there will be a succession of floodplain meadow plants coming into flower. Meadow buttercup, marsh marigold, red clover and cuckoo flower are visible now.  Great burnet, knapweed, ox-eye daisy and many others will soon follow.

Ground nesting birds such as the skylark are now nesting in the hay. The meadow will soon be alive with dragonflies, damselflies and many other invertebrates.

Please protect the meadow by staying on the marked paths and keep your dog on a short lead. Dogs will damage the growing hay crop and disturb ground nesting birds if they leave the marked paths.

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