Freeman – roll of honour

1987M.J. LittleMarcusFor a lifetime of service given to local sporting organisations, in particular as a committee member of the tennis and cricket clubs.  He has given invaluable service to the Historical Society and served as a member of the Town hall committee. He has also given valuable employment in the town while running one of the oldest family businesses that of glove making.


R. Giles


Reece (Dick)


Mr Dick Giles for his 40 years service on the parish council, and for his 19 years on Cricklade and Wootton Bassett Rural District Council.  He was also a member of Cricklade Football club for 50 years, from player to chairman; on the playing fields committee for 20 years, and went from player to president of the Cricklade Bowls club during his 25 years membership.


1987F. Freeth


Frederick (Fred)For his service to the Town as a feoffee of the Waylands Estate, as a member of the Cricklade United charities, a trustee of the town hall committee and a former Town councillor. He also served on the old rural district Council, a member of the Thames water Authority and as a member of the local land drainage committee.  He has also been active for the charity Age Concern and in fund raising for the National Institute for the Blind and Cancer Campaign.


1989J.F.W. SweetJohnHe has rendered outstanding service to the Town over many years.  He will be particularly remembered as the driving force in building the Leisure Centre. A concept, which reached far beyond the project for providing a swimming pool in Cricklade. When built he was directly involved once more in the difficult early years of management (at a time when unemployment was high and inflation rampant) as Chairman of the Association. He also served as a feoffee of Waylands Estate for many years, and as the largest local employer his industrial concerns has provided many opportunities for people in the Cricklade area.

Proposed R. J. Coole. Second Peter Marshall.

1989R.D.M. PageR. DesmondSince his appointment as headmaster of St Sampson’s in January 1960 he has for almost 30 years promoted that which is best in and for Cricklade.  An active sportsman he introduced a vigorous interest in sport to his school and was a playing member of Cricklade Cricket and Football Clubs. With others he fund raised for the Church, Town Hall, Playing fields and ultimately the parish hall – ‘The Jewel in His crown’ having raised over £20,000 in donations for its preservation from sources outside the Town. Desmond was responsible for bringing Evening Classes to the town and saw them grow and flourish.  For many years he served as clerk to the United Charities and was steward of the manorial Court. Regrettably ill health has served to curtail his energies and contribution to the town.

Proposed Seymour Aitken; Second R. J. Coole

1989J.G. MarleyJames (Jim)He has faithfully and to the best of his ability, served in many offices in our community.  For twenty years as a member of Cricklade town council, eight of those as Chairman, one of the founder members of the Cricklade and district Community Association who formed the Leisure Centre. He was first Chairman and now President of the Centre.  For many years a member of Cricklade Show committee and now the Honorary Vice- president.  A feoffee of the Waylands Estate and for Seventeen years as the Hayward to this, the Manorial Court for the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade.

Proposed Ron Blackwell, Second W.E. Wells.

1989R.J. Coole JPReginald (Reg)He has given years of service to the Town in a number of ways, Secretary to the United Church 40 years; Member of Cricklade Town Council 28 years and Chairman for 8 years; Wiltshire County Councillor for 8 years; Feoffee of Waylands Estate for almost 30 years; Member of Cricklade United Charities for almost 30 years; a magistrate for 27 years latterly as Chairman of the bench.

Proposed James Marley Seconded Ron Blackwell.

1989J.A. BakerJames (Jim)Jim Baker gave a lifetime of service to the Town and townspeople of Cricklade.  His business activities brought him a welcome in the homes of many local householders and farmers. He served the recreation Club; the Cricklade traders Association; the Town Council; the founding committee of the Leisure Centre; the Manorial Court (as a juror); 25 years a co-optive member of Waylands Estates; Jim gave his full support to those he served and represented.  His major and most lasting contribution is to be recognised in his service to the committee and trustees of the Cricklade Town Hall. Joining in 1951 (before the annexe was built in 1958) he served as chairman of committee from 1956 until his untimely death in 1988. Latterly he was pleased to joining the Trustees of the Town Hall. He recognised from an early age the responsibilities and obligations which come from being a committed member of the local community.  He has shown us all young and not so young) the importance of carrying them through by the example of a lifetime devoted to his hometown.

Proposed Ralph Neeld Witnessed Peter Marshall.

1993K.M. CooleKathleenNominated for services to the Community.  Cricklade Town Councillor from 1963 to 1995 latterly as Vice-chairman. North Wiltshire District Councillor from its’ inception in 1972 to 1991. Involved in youth work in the Town as a member of Cricklade Congregational Church now Cricklade United Church from 1948 to date. An officer in Cricklade Girls Life Brigade for many years. Active organiser and supporter

Proposed N. N. Hayes

1993W.F. NewWilliam (Bill)Resident of Cricklade since 1911 apart from War service 1939 –46; member of St Sampson’s Choir for 67 years. Member of British legion for 46 years; Treasurer of the Vale of Cricklade benefit Society 47 years; member of Cricklade FC 15 years Captain and secretary. Member of Cricklade Cricket Club 33 years Capt/Secretary. Cricklade badminton Club 1936 –39 and when reformed 1960 – 1989 often as captain. Helped form Cricklade tennis club 1979 and chairman until retirement in 1992. Trader in Cricklade for many years and member of Traders Association. Early support of Leisure Centre. Significant financial contributions to sporting and benevolent associations often at critical times.

Proposed VDP Foley Second C.J. Osman.

1993R. SaundersRoyHe has served the Town well in several capacities since coming to Cricklade in 1960. 18 years on the Town Council and as Chairman of the Playing Field was instrumental in organising and obtaining a new playing field. He served as a school governor for 8 years. For 12 years founder member and chairman of the Youth hall, instigating and obtaining and taking responsibility or conversion of the old chapel. As chairman of the Parish Hall Restoration Committee he called a Town meeting to save the hall and raise funds. Founded the ‘Save it’ Club, still running successfully today. Founder member and vice chairman of Cricklade Traders Association serving 16 years on the Committee. Bandmaster of Cricklade Town Band for 13 years and Chairman of the Band Supporters. Life President of Cricklade Town Football Club, being player/manager until retirement at the age of 47.
In addition to this he has served on the committee of the British Legion for 8 years, Town Hall Committee for 3 years, Court Leet 3 years and a founder member of the 201 Club raising money for the Leisure Centre. He is a caring member of the community always willing to help others.

Proposed C. J. Osman. Seconded R.S. Aitken

1995G.W. HobbsGrahamServed the Town for many years in various capacities. Member of Cricklade Town Council for many years including Chairman for a number of years. Active supporter of Cricklade Show for many years. Active support for the Leisure centre particularly in it’s early years and long time member of the Management committee.  Member of Cricklade Twinning Committee and played a crucial role in negotiations. Signatory to the Twinning agreement on behalf of the Town.
Proposed R. J. Coole. Second. P.E. Marshall.
1995R. BlackwellRonald (Ron)Served on Cricklade Town Council in the 1960s and 70s.  34 years a Feoffee of the Waylands Estate. Over 30 years a member of Cricklade Town Hall Committee. 35 years as a committee member of the Vale of Cricklade Benefit Society. 30 years an officer of the Manorial Court of the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade one of the longest serving members.

Proposed James G. Marley. Second

2000B.M. LargeBenjamin Michael (Mike) Has lived in Cricklade since 1970. Assisted in the formation and served as a member on four Spires residents Association.
St Sampson’s Junior School Parent teachers Association 1978 –80 and as a governor in 1980/1983. Member of Cricklade Town Hall Committee 1975 –77. Cricklade town Council 1980 –83. Helped the formation of Cricklade 2nd Cubs group and set up their football team in 1972-3 won the Swindon League in 1973.  Formed Cricklade Youth Football Club in 1974 with under 12’s and 14’s. Managed the Teams and Club becoming Chairman in 1976. Helped to form the Cirencester and District Youth League in 1974 – 75 on committee and chairman for 10 years.  Currently Life member and President of Cricklade Town FC which now includes Youth Football, member of Bowls Club for 27 years. Has variously been Chairman, Secretary, treasurer, Captain, bar Steward and Fixture secretary. Now a Trustee and a vice-president.  Cricklade Bowls club representative on Swindon and District Bowls Association serving as Secretary and Treasurer. Volunteer driver for Wiltshire Ambulance Service since 1983. This is primarily for Cricklade and District taking patients to Swindon and Oxford.
Proposed P. E. Marshall Second: C. J. Osman.
2000N.N. HayesNormanCricklade Town Council 26 years, including two periods as Chairman; 9 years as Vice Chairman and Planning Committee chairman.
Involved in the conversion of the Baptist Chapel into Cricklade museum.
Played a big part in the conversion of the old chapel/school at the bottom of the High Street into a Youth hall.
Job creation projects including the Leisure centre and the church Yard improvements.
Cricklade Community Association. 28 years as member including long period as trustee. Also variously treasurer and minute secretary. Part of the original fund raising project with donkey derby’s and fireworks etc.
Court Leet member since 1976 and Carner until 1999
Town Hall committee member for 25 years
Waylands Estate member for 20 years.
Cricklade Cricket Club. Player for many years; Chairman for 10 years; organiser of annual team tours e.g. Hampshire, Devon and Holland.
Cricklade Twinning Association. Early member and took part in the initial visit to Suce sur Erdre in 1989.
Parish Hall Committee. Member of original Save the parish hall Committee.
Braydon Forest – School governor.
Cricklade Corridor trust. Member.

Proposed R. J. Coole. Second VDP Foley.

2006H. WiddowsHowardOn the sudden death of Mr James Baker, Mr Widdows took on the post of Chairman of the town hall Committee. He completed over 25 years in this honorary appointment. The Committee has since the building was erected in 1933, has continued as a self financing body, making no call upon the rates.  During this period many improvements have been made.  For a number of years he has been chairman of the Waylands Estate Charity who have donated thousands of pounds each year to deserving Cricklade organisations.  His initiative led to the purchase and re-sale of land at Blake Hill, which resulted in an additional £5000 being added to funds.


2009P. MarshallPeter Peter Marshall served the Community of Cricklade for over 35 years, his articulate and forthright manner in debate and his eye for written detail has served many of the towns organisations.
He supported organisations large and small in his role as an exemplary voluntary administrator.  He served as treasurer to the Cricklade Scout Group setting up the 101 club which has raised thousands of pounds for young people and he wrote the constitution for the Thames Hall Committee both of which still exists today   He collected waste paper and its proceeds from recycling benefited the Youth Club. As his family grew up he supported all the activities his sons participated in, using his financial awareness and shrewd business ability.  He was a parent Governor at Braden Forest School.  He was an active member of the Court Leet serving as its Steward.  He served on the Town Hall Committee for 20 years,  was a feoffee of Waylands Estate, and was an active member of the Historical Society.  In this respect he headed a team of society members in visiting the Records Office at Kew to place on Cricklade’s museum’s records the inland revenue survey for 1910 providing a very useful resource for Family History research.  In later years, despite ill health, Peter continued to serve his community as a founder member of Cricklade Bloomers, writing its constitution and raising funds.
His research and exploratory work with the Glider Pilots Association led to the close ties that exist today between the people of Cricklade and the Canadian Armed Forces following his work to erect the cairns at Blakehill to commemorate the service given by them to Great Britain during World War Two.


2009B. AtfieldBrianBrian Atfield has been and continues to be a member of Cricklade Town Council for 26 years.  He was a North Wiltshire District Councillor for the Town for 16 of those years and a Wiltshire Councillor for 12 years.  The only person to have held both positions concurrently. He was both Chairman and Vice Chairman of the District Council for a number of those years.  He served on numerous committees and bodies as our representative, including the Wilts Fire Authority and the Police Authority.

More locally he has served on Waylands and United Charities (as chairman), the Cricklade Country Way and is also Chairman of the Cotswold Water Park Society. A long time member of The Twinning Association he has represented the Town in Suce on many occasions. He was also involved with the old Cricklade Carnival Committee and a member of the Community Association as well as active for many years with Cricklade Scouts.

2014C. WilceClive
2016D. TetlowDavid
2018R. Jones OBERobert (Bob)