Court Awarded Heritage Lottery Fund Grant for North Meadow

Cricklade Court Leet is delighted to have been awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant of £33, 400 for North Meadow . The Court will use part of this grant to purchase 5.5 acres of North Meadow, previously held in private ownership. This land will then become a permanent part of the National Nature Reserve.

The uncut area shows the land purchased by Cricklade Court Leet

Part of the Heritage Lottery Grant has been used to produce this new Court website. The website will communicate information about North Meadow National Nature Reserve and its conservation. The Court’s traditional activites within the Town of Cricklade will also be covered.

The Court will use the grant to improve the experience of visitors to North Meadow National Nature Reserve by improved interpretation and QR code driven audio guides. In addition there will be a series of conservation courses on offer, including those on butterflies and moths, bumblebees, dragonflies , plant recording and scything. These will aim to recruit and train a possible 60 conservation volunteers for North Meadow.

A press release has been produced giving more details of this exciting project.

2 Replies to “Court Awarded Heritage Lottery Fund Grant for North Meadow”

  1. Sounds like brilliant news. It would be interesting to see on this website how the purchase of the 5.5 acres differentiates the status of that parcel from the rest that is managed by Natural England. For example what is the ownership status of the rest of the area, as well as status differences.
    Thank you and well done again.

    1. If you refer to the map in the post, the area with green stripes shows the current extent of North Meadow National Nature Reserve. Natural England own this area and the two parcels of land to the left of the main entrance shown in white. The red area was, until recently, in private ownership and Cricklade Court Leet is delighted to have purchased this land with the support of the Heritage Lottery Grant. It is the Court’s intention to secure the future conservation of this land, by designating it as National Nature Reserve, thus making it a permanent part of North Meadow NNR.

      The whole of North Meadow is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation and is jointly managed by Natural England and the Court. The Court’s role is to manage the grazing from 12 August to 12th February each year, although we do support Natural England with the conservation of North Meadow throughout the year.

      I hope this answers your question and thank you for your interest.


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